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What We Do.

Smartienet is a Managed Services company, specialising in supporting and managing technology for small to medium business across Melbourne and Brisbane. We deliver a customised, managed IT service to ensure your business runs smoothly.

smartienet technical support

Smartienet has support and maintenance packages to suit any small to medium size business. Providing peace of mind support is what Smartienet was built on. Right from he very beginning, our focus has been on delivering exactly what our customers want. Our support plans keep your business moving without costing the earth and we don’t utilise call centres. Our friendly technical staff are trained to take your call directly.

smartienet voip

Give your business a competitive advantage without the hight start-up costs. 

Some of the features include: 

  • Customised Call Routing

  • Professional Voice-overs

  • Mobile Twinning

  • Voicemail to email

  • 1300 & 1800 availability

  • Large array of handsets to choose from

  • Competitive call plans

smartienet security

Ensure your entire network is safe and that your business’ digital  assets are protected. Contact smartienet to discuss your cyber security needs.

Have you lost your data?

Call smartienet now on (03) 8508 8131 to discuss your situation. We’ll recover what we can and well get you back up and running in no time. We’ll work out what has happened, and we’ll put in place mitigation strategies to help prevent future failures.


Now offering NBN business plans Australia wide & superfast 1000mbps on-net-fibre for selected buildings in Melbourne.

  • NBN plans with Unlimited Data

  • NBN Plans with no lock-in contracts

  • Plans with 4G Backup

Whether your business runs from one site or many, Smartienet can provide a cost effective telecommunications solution that’s right for you. Our degree qualified technicians can put in place a cost effective solution connecting all your business sites to the NBN or fibre where available. We can securely connect your sites via secure and stable VPN connection, add one of our phone plans and O365 and your ready to work from anywhere, even from home.

Our support team are all degree qualified engineers who really know their stuff!


Do you need a data backup and recovery strategy? We have on-premise and cloud solutions to suit your needs.

Preventing Data Loss

Protecting your data is so much more important now than ever before, and protecting it is a complex task. Many small to medium enterprises fall into the trap of not protecting themselves until it’s too late, costing them thousands of dollars. Protecting your data properly takes expert knowledge. So why not talk to smartienet today, the experts in small and medium business security. Smartienet can safeguard your business data now with a cloud or on-premises platform that offers built-in security features for remote work.


Information Technology is becoming a broad, complex industry with many different areas that require specialization. It is a challenge for an average employee or business owner to know how to tackle every problem a typical business will face. Often IT specialists are required for specific instances, rather than day-to-day maintenance and other times broader support is required.

Small to medium enterprises can thrive when they focus on what they do best, allowing the Information technology experts to put in place and manage the IT infrastructure.

Smartienet has the backend partnerships in place, they have the expertise and the knowhow to find a way through the challenges small to medium enterprises face.

Choosing Smartienet for your managed Information Technology services is a smart choice!


Nobody knows Office 365 like Smartienet and our cloud server offerings can get your business securely mobile. Working from home or remotely has never been easier with Smartienet cloud solutions. Cloud storage, cloud telephony, email and cloud networking, it’s all possible with smartienet.

Moving to Office 365?

Moving to office 365 doesn’t mean leaving your existing emails and documents in an old, difficult to manage email system. Bring all your emails and documents into Office 365 with smartienet and move with confidence. We can also backup your important emails and documents directly from Office 365.


Wifi and wired, switches, routers, modems and servers. Smartienet can do it all. We can supply, upgrade and install all of your network equipment.

Network Ready!

Your network is the foundation of your business technologies. If your network is under-performing then so will your other business technologies, hindering you and your business activities. Get on top of your network issues with the right advice from smartienet.


We have all your equipment and software needs covered. From Laptops, PC's, WiFi's, Phones, Cables..... just about anything. With warehouses in most capital cities across Australia, we can provide same day despatch* ensuring your equipment arrives in the quickest time possible. We want your business up and running as quickly as possible, and our friendly and dedicated staff will be onsite to install as soon as your ready. 

* Same-day despatch is available for most orders placed before 1:00pm

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